Hangman 3D

Ever played Hangman? Now imagine it being a Platform Game.

Remember the last time you played a game of Hangman? It’s that pencil and paper guessing game where one player thinks of a word, phrase or sentence and the other tries to guess it by suggesting letters within a certain number of guesses.

I’ve decide to give this concept a new twist by turning it into a Platform Game.


The mean St. Nicholas has stolen all the letters from all over the world so that no one could ever make a St. Nicholas poem again, and St. Nicholas doesn’t have to give away his presents to greedy children. He’s put all the letters in a big vault so that no one can reach them, and to open the vault you need a secret password.

But what St. Nicholas didn’t know is that there was a hole in his bag through which some letters have fallen onto the floor. These letters form a trail to the vault of St. Nicholas. And if you collect the correct letters from the track you might even be able to guess the password and open the vault.

Our great hero Hangman 3D takes on the task of collecting these letters and to teach St. Nicholas a lesson by already take one of his presents. Help Hangman find the way to the vault and collect the right letters along the way. Also don’t forget to steal a package from St. Nicholas!


Platform(s): Windows
Language: Dutch
Website: http://www.hangman3d.nl (Dutch)

Price: FREE

This game was made in Flash. There’s a great change that it won’t work on your computer!

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