Kid Alchemist

Draw your own levels in Paint and instantly play through them when you’re done!

A Game-Jam game Joep Aben and I made in 2016

Joep and I (and a tester) at our “Kid Alchemist” stand inside the Microsoft building (NL)!


Your name is Thomas Wild, a young and smart little kid whose dream is to become a real alchemist. One day you get dumped into the “Alchemist Cave”. You probably bragged a bit to much about your potion brewing skills during class and some of your classmates just couldn’t stand it anymore.

“You can only call yourself a real alchemist if you survive the cave and find the exit!” one of your classmates said. Even though you’re very angry at them for throwing you in there and knowing that the only way out is through the cave you also know that they’re right. The “Alchemist Cave” is one of the most dangerous caves in the land. No one can survive the cave unless you’re able to brew some really powerful potions.

So enough with being angry and let’s show the world what a powerful alchemist you really are!!!

Brew your own levels!

In Paint you can easily design your own levels! Just draw some walls with the Pencil tool and place the monsters by using the same colours as the “level” file in the folder. It’s that easy!


Left analog stick: Move
A: Throw bones, select stuff in menus
B: Show ingredients, cancel in menus
X: Punch
Y: Use potion
Left trigger: Cycle through potions
Right trigger: Cycle through potions

Arrow keys: Move
A: Throw bones, select stuff in menus
S: Show ingredients, cancel in menus
D: Punch
W: Use potion
Q: Cycle through potions
E: Cycle through potions


Platforms: Windows

Price: FREE

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