Mini Prince

A Prince of Persia fan game where the graphics are no more than just a couple of ASCII characters on the screen (Resolution 104×80). Oh yeah… and it comes in the cutest box ever!

LGR giving a review on Mini Prince

At the age of 15 I was able to program the title screen and the 1st room of the 1st level from the original Prince of Persia game in ASCII style. You could climb and jump and… well that was it. It wasn’t much but I had a lot of fun making it.

Later I decided to make the entire first level this way. During my programming adventures I also decided to make a poster for my fan-game in the style of the original Prince of Persia cover art.

The original Prince of Persia is known for its unique animations. It was one of the first games to use Rotoscoping. Rotoscoping is an animation technique that is used to trace over motion picture footage.

In Mini Prince the main character doesn’t have ANY animations at all. But what is a Prince of Persia fan-game without Rotoscoping?

Now after months of programming, the game (level) is finally FINISHED and I’m thrilled to announce that it can now be downloaded and played!


Up: Climb up/Enter door
Down: Climb down/Pick up
Left: Walk left
Right: Walk right
J: Jump
S: Sword
C: Careful
SPACE: Show time (Steps)
ESC: To Main Menu


Platform(s): MS-DOS / Windows

Price: FREE

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