Interstate Drifter 2000 (Early Access)

Stunning pixel art, amazing gameplay and a gorgeous soundtrack. Interstate Drifter 2000 is a game by Timo Visser from Ultimo Games and is now in Early Access on Steam.

After playing the Early Access version I figured that a lot of work still needed to be done and offered my help. After contacting Timo about it, Pedestal Games and Ultimo Games decided to join forces and start a collaboration together to take this game to a whole new level.

I can now proudly say that the world of “Interstate Drifter 2000” is about to get BIGGER!!!

Since my involvement in the design a lot has changed and is about to change! The game as you know it is turning into something BIG! The levels are about to be taken out of the game to make way for an open-world! All this for a better player experience and more drifting awesomeness! Also a little story-line will be added, but more about that later.

So please “Like” our page and get that Early Access while you can! 😉…/Interstate_Drifter_2000/

DONATE to support me or if you would like to see more awesomeness like this:

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