Who is behind Pedestal Games?

Anne Bras

A Game Designer, Game Collector, Game Archiver, Game Historian and Gamer!

Anne Bras graduated as Master of Arts, Design for Digital Cultures – Interaction / Game Design. After having worked on several game projects and having played hundreds of games in the past, his passion and interest for games and the gaming culture grew and grew. Already in 2006 he decided to start building up an archive of boxed PC games with the idea of preserving gaming history. He is now known as the owner of the World’s Largest Collection of Boxed PC Games.

With the build up knowledge and the history of video games in mind he continued following his passion by now organizing several game events and exhibitions, giving talks about his passion and… creating more games. Or as he likes to call them: “Pieces of Art”, since they’re all slightly different than the typical video games you might encounter elsewhere.

To create a “pedestal” for his creations, Anne Bras founded Pedestal Games in the beginning of 2021.

More about Anne Bras:

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