The first games I ever made!

When I was 15 years old I learned to program in QuickBasic. A guy named Mike (forgot his last name) secretly learned me all the ins and outs of the program, during and after the Informatica lessons at school. I’m very grateful for everything he taught me. The very first game I ever made was called GET. It’s a 2 player game where Player 1 tries to catch (get) Player 2 and Player 2 tries to run away. Player 2 also has a mine it can leave on the ground and pick up again to make it harder for Player 1.


About half a year later I created a new game called KIO. It’s an extremely simple 2 Player button bashing game where Player 1 tries to raise, and Player 2 tries to lower a guillotine blade. Every time the blade reached the bottom, a person gets killed. The game even took track of the amount of people killed in the game. Including the one that gets killed in the intro of the game. ^^; The game was way simpler than GET, but for some silly reason it got very popular at school.


Now these 2 games are a symbol for my start as a Game Designer. It made me believe that anything is possible when you are designing a game.


Platform(s): MS-DOS
Price: FREE

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